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Together for Her


influential women and men, including Charlize Theron, have joined #TogetherForHer

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#TogetherForHer supports women and children, keeping them safe from domestic violence during Covid-19.

As the global spread of Covid-19 has forced people indoors, life has become even more dangerous for women experiencing domestic violence, especially for those who are most marginalized and are at increased risk of experiencing violence. The quarantine environment causes increased stress levels, which exacerbate tensions, and abusers feel empowered in a situation where resources and support are scarce.

Economic stress and unemployment are risk factors linked to a greater likelihood of intimate partner violence

According to the CDC, economic stress and unemployment, both of which are currently being experienced at unprecedented levels, are risk factors linked to a greater likelihood of intimate partner violence (IPV) perpetration.

Not only are women experiencing this violence, but many children, who are also home from school, are witnessing the acts of abuse, and potentially experiencing it themselves.

Although advocates have been working to curtail the rise of domestic violence for many years, the issue continues to be woefully underfunded and underrepresented. Coming together as women to support women in this crisis is critical, not only from the standpoint of the direct impact the resources raised will have on the lives of women and children, but also as a symbol to the world that we value the lives and health of women and girls.

Donations will be directed towards critical services for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

The campaign has identified trusted domestic violence shelters and community-based programs globally that need resources during this critical time. Donations will be directed towards safe accommodation/shelter, case management, psycho-social support and counseling, helplines, crisis intervention, sexual and reproductive health services, legal services, community-based prevention and advocacy work to address gender-based violence, and additional support mechanisms for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

Over 50+ influential women and men have rallied #TogetherForHer with others continuing to join.

Charlize Theron hugging a teenage girl with the quote, "It's critical that we stand up together globally for women and girls."
Viola Davis quote about surviving domestic abuse