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a large roadside forest fire
U.S. Forest fire crews fight fire with fire as they set off huge backfires to cut off the northern flank of the Thomas fire near Rose Valley recreation area on Saturday. Dec. 9, 2017 in the Los Padres National Forest. (Photo by Gene Blevins for the Los Angeles DailyNews/SCNG)


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With unprecedented fire destruction occurring year over year, Defy:Disaster has early insights into the gravest aspects of wildfires and provides essential resources for prevention, response, and recovery.

Prolonged drought conditions throughout the Western U.S. continue to transform wildfires from seasonal occurrences to a persistent danger throughout the year. Wildfires bring fatalities, loss of wildlife, destruction of structures, and hazardous air quality to millions of people.

Immediate needs in the wake of a wildfire include shelter, evacuation support, family reconnection, food, health care, and case management. Long-term support is needed for the rebuilding of homes, income recovery, agricultural needs, additional preparedness support to vulnerable populations, and mental health and psychosocial support.

Defy:Disaster is here to help those who need it before, during and after a crisis. Guided by a strategic Advisory Board of experts, Defy:Disaster offers the entertainment community and the public an immediate way to offer vital support to those most affected.

Defy:Disaster supports communities by spearheading fund-raising telecasts, concerts and comedy events, raising awareness with PSAs featuring artists and athletes, and administering funds in direct financial assistance efforts.

firefighters in uniform spraying a bush fire with a hose of water
Photo by John McCoy, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG

Supporting First Responders

Defy:Disaster works closely with firefighters to provide pressing equipment needs to keep them safe. 

Lend a Hand Campaign

With generous support from donors, Defy:Disaster proudly supported the needs of firefighters in Los Angeles by providing 2,000 specially designed wildland safety gloves to protect them in the line of duty.

Extractor Campaign

Defy: Disaster raised funds to purchase and install twelve carcinogen extractors for the Los Angeles Fire Department. The commercial-grade washing machines remove cancer-causing carcinogens from firefighter’s protective clothing.

Hydration Pack Campaign

Thanks to the our support of the entertainment community, Defy: Disaster provided 3,000 hydration packs to keep firefighters hydrated and healthy as they protect our neighborhoods.

Brush Patrol Skid Unit Campaign

With the help of generous partners, Defy:Disaster provided three Brush Patrol Skid Units to the department. The skid units are designed to be easily mounted to the bed of a pickup truck, essentially converting a standard department pickup truck into a versatile firefighting resource.