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Evolution of a Tornado in Minneola, Kansas on May 24, 2016


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The U.S. represents the highest concentration of tornadoes in the world. Defy:Disaster supports local efforts to recover and rebuild.

Powerful tornadoes, bringing intense winds, typically strike the Great Plains and Southeast regions of the U.S.  More tornadoes occur in the U.S. than in other countries due to topography and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.  More than 1,000 per year have been recorded since 1990.

Although smaller in scope than hurricanes, the intensity of the storms creates catastrophic damage to anything in their path.  Survivors of tornadoes frequently need temporary housing, home repairs, tree removal, food, and water.  Power, water, and gas are often disrupted by these violent storms. 

Defy:Disaster offers critical information on preparedness and lends support to people in need whose lives are affected by tornadoes. Guided by a strategic Advisory Board of experts, Defy:Disaster offers the entertainment community and the public an immediate way to offer vital support to those most affected.

Defy:Disaster supports communities by spearheading fund-raising telecasts, concerts,and comedy events, raising awareness with PSAs featuring artists and athletes, and administering funds in direct financial assistance efforts.