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Floodwaters enveloping homes, roads, and trees
Hurricane Laura brought substantial flooding to Lake Charles, Louisiana. Courtesy: David Phillip, AP Images.

Defy:Hurricanes and Flooding

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The Atlantic hurricane season has recently generated hurricanes of record strength and scope.  Defy:Disaster offers an immediate way to offer vital support to those most affected.

Hurricane season brings with it destruction to communities with high winds and flooding. Wind, combined with extreme rain and storm surges generate catastrophic damage to homes and businesses – primarily across the Southeastern states. 

Immediate emergency relief needs following a hurricane include shelter, food, medical support, search and rescue operations, livestock relocation, and restoration of power and communication. Mucking, gutting, and rebuilding are common as residents struggle to recover lost belongings. Long-term recovery includes restoration of property, livelihood recovery, environmental cleanup, and repair of infrastructure damage to dams, roadways, and bridges.

Per NPR, “Climate change is not causing more storms to form in the Atlantic. Instead, a hotter Earth makes it more likely that the storms that do form will become bigger and more powerful.” 

Defy:Disaster is here to help those who need it before, during, and after a crisis. Guided by a strategic Advisory Board of experts, Defy:Disaster offers the entertainment community and the public an immediate way to offer vital support to those most affected.

Defy:Disaster supports communities by spearheading fund-raising telecasts, concerts and comedy events, raising awareness with PSAs featuring artists and athletes, and administering funds in direct financial assistance efforts.