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Damage from a 6.4-magnitude earthquake is seen in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, on January 8, 2020. (Direct Relief photo)

Defy:Earthquakes and Tsunamis

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Earthquakes and tsunamis have the potential to effect widespread devastation to millions of people. Defy:Disaster partners with organizations to provide an immediate response and deliver long-term support to those impacted.

As seen in Haiti, Turkey, Morocco, Japan, the Philippines, California, and other regions across the globe, earthquakes often result in tremendous loss of life. Aftershocks and the threat of resulting tsunamis create terror for those already traumatized by the initial earthquake. Preparation for earthquakes is critical since neighboring cities are often overwhelmed by the same catastrophe and unable to offer assistance.

Defy:Disaster partners with national and community-based organizations to increase search and rescue operations and provide emergency food, water, and medical care to earthquake survivors and shelter to those displaced. With large-scale disasters, long-term support is essential.

Guided by a strategic Advisory Board of experts, Defy:Disaster offers the entertainment community and the public an immediate way to offer vital support to those most affected.

Defy:Disaster supports communities by spearheading fund-raising telecasts, concerts,and comedy events, raising awareness with PSAs featuring artists and athletes, and administering funds in direct financial assistance efforts.