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firefighter in uniform spraying a bush fire with a hose of water
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2019 California Wildfire Relief


Specially designed wildland safety gloves provided for Firefighters

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In the wake of California’s devastating wildfires, the Entertainment Industry Foundation offered the entertainment community and the public an immediate way to offer vital support to those most affected.

EIF mobilized the Fire Relief Fund to support recovery efforts from wildfires in California throughout 2019, most notably the Kincade fire in Sonoma County and the Getty fire in Los Angeles.  The Fire Fund benefited First Responders and families who lost everything. The EIF Fire Fund provided grants to support the immediate needs in the affected communities in Northern and Southern CA including food, water, clothing, transportation, medical supplies, and school materials.

With generous support from our donors, EIF was proud to support the immediate needs of the Firefighters in Los Angeles by providing 2,000 specially designed wildland safety gloves to protect First Responders in the line of duty.

Grantees included Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation and Corazon Healdsburg.